Volume 1998
"Paradigms of Economic Thought"
1998 Annual Meeting Program
Wednesday January 7, 1998 
	On January 7, 1998, the Section on Socio-Economics of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) is presenting
a day-long Annual program entitled "Other Paradigms of Economic Thought" at the San Francisco Hilton, from 8:30 - 5:00 p.m.  The
topics include (1) an overview of socio-economics and its relation to law, (2) positive and normative aspects of moral dimension of
economic behavior (including a socio-economic approach to affirmative action), (3) the real history of law and economics (starting
with John R. Commons, not Coase) with attention to important developments that are presently neglected in most courses in law and
economics, and (4) other paradigms of economic thought (including two forms of institutional economics, several views of feminist
economics, an integration of law, economics and behavioral psychology, and an exiting new approach to integrating economics and
other disciplines based on endogenizing preferences).  Participants include Richard Coughlin (Chair, Sociology, University of New
Mexico), Richard Hattwick (Economics, Western Illinois, Editor, Journal of Socio-Economics); and Robert Cooter, Philip Selznick
and Williamson (Univ. of California, Berkeley).\
	One unifying theme of the program is the responsibilities of the lawyer and law teacher when using economics and other
disciplines to serve clients, research legal issues, and teach students. The program was offered to show that socio-economics provides
a rigorous, interdisciplinary, paradigm-conscious, value-conscious approach to economic behavior, predicated on a consideration of
whole human beings within social, political, and institutional context--an approach more in keeping with the responsibilities of lawyers
and law teachers than more limited approaches to economic behavior.  
Overview of Socio-Economics and Its Relation to Law
			  Moderator:  Charles Whalen (Senior Economist, 
				Institute for Industry Studies, Cornell University)
			  Richard Hattwick (Economics, Western Illinois
			  	Editor, Journal of Socio-Economics) 
			  Robert Ashford (Syracuse University)
Morality:  Socio-Economic and Communitarian Perspectives
			Moderator:  Terry O'Neill (Tulane)
			Richard Coughlin (Chair, Sociology, University of New Mexico):
			    "Whose Morality?  Which Community?  What Interests?"
			Anthony Cook (Georgetown) "A Socio-Economic and Communitarian 
			    Approach to Affirmative Action"
       			Philip Selznick (Berkeley)
			Commentator:  Richard McAdams (Boston University)
Luncheon Speaker:  Mike Gravel, U.S. Senator, Alaska (1969-1981)
			    "The Socio-Economics of Democracy: The Essential Economic Conditions" 
The Real History of Law and Economics
			Moderator: Jeffrey Harrison (Florida) 
			Steven Medema (Chair, Economics,  University of Colorado, Denver):
			    "Wandering the Road from Pluralism to Posner:
			     The Transformation of Law and Economics in the Twentieth Century"
			 William Lovett (Tulane):  "Shifting Ideological Mixes"
			  Commentators:  Edward Rubin (California, Berkeley)
			    Tom Ulen (Illinois)
Other Paradigms of Economic Thought
			  Moderator:  Robert Ashford (Syracuse)
			  Robert Cooter (Berkeley):  "Endogenizing Preferences"
			  Owen Jones (Arizona State):  "Law, Economics and Behavioral Biology"
			  Nicholas Mercuro (Michigan State): "Institutional Law and Economics"
			  Myra Strober (Stanford):  "Feminist Economics"
			  Commentators  Lynne Dallas (San Diego)
			    Lynn Stout (Georgetown)